My name is Justyna. I am a professional EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, with full teaching qualifications and over 30 years’ experience of teaching English to a variety of students of different nationalities: Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Ukrainian, Slovakian… you name it!

I started my career as a Secondary School teacher in Poland, and since then have taught in universities, high schools, language schools and, for the last five years, as a private tutor in my own language school in Coventry, England.

In winter 2018 the time came though, to move on. Having spent over thirteen years in England, I decided to move back to Europe. As a result, I closed my school and ended up in the Czech Republic! But I am still teaching from home and online.

All these years of experience in the classroom have taught me one thing: the bigger the group of students the lower the quality of teaching. Nowadays I do not accept groups of more than three students.


I have taught all kinds of students: young and old, fresh from school and those who have forgotten how it feels to study; those who revise a lot at home and those who rely on our lessons only; those who speak confidently and those for whom speaking does not come easily, even in their mother tongue. Every student is different. Every student needs a different approach. And this is what I strive to give each and every one of my students: individually tailored classes.

Whether you speak fluently but with a lot of mistakes, or you know your grammar but are afraid to speak, I will work with you to help you become a confident language user.



About me...

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